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Child Shoe

Child Shoe

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The ceramic child shoe from Baia Mare is a unique and exquisite piece of art. The miniature shape of the child's shoe perfectly captures the innocence and joy of childhood. The intricate green and blue patterns, handcrafted with care, add a touch of beauty and colour to the design. The vibrant colours are sure to bring a smile to anyone's face and add a touch of playfulness to any room.

The ceramic shoe is handmade, which makes it a one-of-a-kind item. The attention to detail and the passion that went into creating this piece is evident in every aspect of its design. The curves and contours of the shoe are smooth and well-proportioned, giving it a lifelike appearance. The patterns are carefully applied, creating a harmonious and eye-catching design.

This ceramic shoe is not only a beautiful piece of art but also a symbol of craftsmanship. The artisan who created it combined traditional techniques with their own unique style, resulting in a truly stunning piece. It is a testament to the rich cultural heritage of Baia Mare and the talented artisans who call it home.


White Ivory Ceramic


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Please wash with cold water and ❤️.

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Handmade in Baia Mare, Romania

In Baia Mare, Romania, traditional crafts like pottery making and hand weaving have a long and rich history. Pottery making in particular is steeped in ancient techniques dating back to the Dacian times, where artisans work exclusively with clay, water, and fire to create functional and decorative ceramics. The process starts with preparing the clay, molding and shaping it into the desired form, and firing it in kilns to transform it into a durable and functional ceramic object. The simplicity of the techniques used in Baia Mare, combined with the natural beauty of the clay, results in pottery that is both practical and visually appealing.

Similarly, hand weaving is a craft that has been passed down through generations of artisans in Baia Mare. The weavers work with natural fibers like wool and cotton to create beautiful textiles that are both practical and decorative. The process of hand weaving involves carefully selecting the right fibers, spinning them into yarn, and then weaving them together on a loom to create the desired pattern or design. Each piece is unique, reflecting the weaver's skill and creativity.