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Flower Handbag

Flower Handbag

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The Flower Handbag, made in the Vrancea county, is a beautiful and unique piece of traditional craftsmanship. Handmade by local artisans, the bag showcases the intricate patterns inspired by the surrounding natural environment. The intricate design is the result of a time-honored technique, passed down from generation to generation of skilled craftspeople. The bags are made using natural materials such as linen or cotton, and the flower patterns are created using a range of colors, from vibrant hues to soft pastels. The beauty of the Flower Handbag lies in its combination of practicality and artistry. Not only is it a functional accessory, but it also serves as a work of art, showcasing the rich cultural heritage of the Vrancea county and its people. These bags are highly prized by those who appreciate traditional arts and crafts and make a beautiful and unique addition to any collection.


Woven paper


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Please wash by hand with ❤️.

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Handmade in Vrancea, Romania

Hand weaving is a cherished tradition in Vrancea, Romania that extends beyond producing beautiful handwoven bags to include other items such as wood carved masks. Skilled artisans use hand-weaving techniques passed down through generations, combining traditional craftsmanship with modern design to create unique and functional pieces. The intricate designs feature motifs inspired by the surrounding nature, such as leaves, flowers, and vines, while the use of natural fibers like wool, linen, and cotton gives the items a distinctive texture and depth.

Similarly, wood carving is another traditional craft in Vrancea, where local artisans produce exquisite masks. The process of creating wooden masks involves carefully selecting the right type of wood, shaping it into the desired form, and adding intricate carvings or details to enhance its beauty. The resulting wooden pieces are both visually stunning and highly functional, making them a valuable part of Romania's cultural legacy.

Both hand weaving and wood carving require great skill, patience, and attention to detail, making each item a true work of art. The end result is a durable and versatile accessory that can be used for everyday use, special occasions, or even as a decorative piece.